Articulate your life purpose and live it

Articulate your life purpose and live it

"Articulate your life purpose and live it" - Megan Tapsell (Tomorrow expo 2023)

Megan Tapsell is an industry advocate for diversity and inclusion and GM Technology delivery

The following is my blog about Megans statement:

Articulating one's life purpose and then working towards achieving it is essential in leading a fulfilling life. The purpose gives you direction and acts as a guideline in making decisions throughout life. It provides a deeper meaning to life and helps to prioritise what is important to you. 

However, having a purpose alone will not suffice. You need to back it up by living it. Taking the necessary steps towards achieving your purpose will give you a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. It requires a great deal of effort and commitment, but the rewards of perseverance are invaluable.

Moreover, it's essential to regularly evaluate whether your actions are aligned with your purpose. Life is unpredictable, and priorities may change, which is perfectly acceptable. Realigning your actions with your purpose is still essential to maintain a fulfilling life.

In conclusion, articulating your life purpose is only the starting point; you must strive to achieve it by living your purpose with dedication. 



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