Spread a little happiness daily

Spread a little happiness daily

Once upon a time, in a world so bright, There lived a wise soul, with words of light. Montesquieu, a thinker so grand, Shared a truth that we can understand.

"If you only wished to be happy," he said, "That's an easy task, you'll soon be glad. But we wish to be happier than the rest, And that's a challenge, putting us to the test."

In a land where desires were rife, Our hearts yearned for a happier life. We looked around, comparing our glee, Thinking others were happier than we could be.

But let me tell you, my little friend, Appearances can deceive, they pretend. For happiness isn't the same for all, It's a personal journey, unique and tall.

Envy whispered in our ears, Feeding our worries, our doubts, and fears. We wanted to shine, to be the best, But happiness slipped away, like a bird's nest.

The secret lies deep within your heart, In the kindness and love you impart. Every person's journey is one of a kind, No two paths are the same, you'll find.

So, my dear friend, open your eyes, Seek joy in every surprise. Embrace the blessings, big and small, For happiness can be found in them all.

Don't be fooled by what others show, Their happiness is theirs to know. Discover your own, in each step you take, For your happiness is yours to make.

In this story, we've learned a great deal, About the joy we all want to feel. If we only wished to be happy, you see, It would be so easy as can be.

But we wish to be happier, my dear, And that takes effort, it's quite clear. So, let's cherish our own unique way, And spread happiness every single day.

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