Technology offers significant opportunities!

Technology offers significant opportunities!

The technology sector offers significant opportunities for tangatawhenua Māori (Māori people) and others to thrive and succeed. The digital age has created a global economy driven by innovation, and Māori individuals and businesses can tap into this sector to create wealth, promote economic development, and preserve cultural heritage.

Here are some reasons why the technology sector presents vast potential for tangatawhenua Māori:

  1. Cultural representation: Māori culture and traditions are rich and unique. The technology sector allows Māori entrepreneurs and professionals to showcase their cultural identity and create innovative solutions that incorporate Māori knowledge and values. This representation can attract a wide range of customers and create a niche market.

  2. Digital innovation: The technology sector provides opportunities for tangatawhenua Māori to develop digital platforms, mobile applications, software solutions, and other innovative products and services. These advancements can be applied to various industries, including health, education, tourism, and agriculture, empowering Māori communities and fostering economic growth.

  3. Global reach: With the internet connecting people worldwide, tangatawhenua Māori can reach global markets and customers, breaking down geographical barriers. This opens up tremendous business prospects, allowing Māori entrepreneurs to expand their products and services internationally and access a larger customer base.

  4. Economic development: By embracing the technology sector, tangatawhenua Māori can contribute to economic development within their communities. The growth of technology businesses creates employment opportunities, builds capacity, and generates income, helping to alleviate socio-economic disparities and promote self-determination.

  5. Digital storytelling: Technology provides platforms for Māori to share their stories, language, and traditions in innovative ways. It enables the preservation and revitalization of cultural heritage and facilitates intergenerational knowledge transfer. Tangatawhenua Māori can develop digital content, games, and applications that engage and educate people about Māori culture, fostering pride and understanding.

To harness the immense potential of the technology sector, it is crucial to ensure equitable access to education, resources, and opportunities. Investments in digital literacy programs, entrepreneurship initiatives, and support networks can empower tangatawhenua Māori to thrive in the technology sector and seize the enormous financial possibilities it offers.


Photo by JJ Ying on Unsplash

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